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When we adopted Rex from the rescue, the people there warned us that what had stopped people from adopting Rex was his unbounded energy. They recommended that we should call Robin Roy when we were ready for some training. After a few days of Rex and his energy, we called Robin to the rescue. When you have three family members with different ideas of what a dog should and shouldn't do and when you have Rex as that dog, watch out. But when Robin came, Rex just lit up, remembering her from the kennel. After just a few sessions the whole family was on the same program, including Rex. As my daughter always tells me--"show the patience that Robin always showed"--and it works. We now have a very happy, high-energy trained dog. Thank you, Robin!

Annette, Robin & James
Rancho Park, California

She did a great job training my dog Rex who is a rescue. She made me comfortable walking and playing with my dog. I really like Robin, she is really nice and patient.

Annette, Age 9

Yuki and I were able to work with Robin in both puppy kindergarten and novice obedience. She is everything you'd want in a trainer -- patient, firm, clear and caring. If you are looking for a trusted advisor on dog behavior, Robin is an ideal choice.

Laurie and Yuki
Glendale, California

Robin is great. She gives you honest expectations and is dedicated to helping your dog make it through his/her rough patches. Whenever we felt helpless she was always there to reassure us. We'd recommend her to anyone.

Supriya and Limca
Westwood, California



Robin has a very effective way of combining firmness and kindness, putting humans at ease with understanding boundaries and corrections. She's a terrific trainer and a wonderful person!


Rufino & Ringo
Glendale, California

Dear Dog... thank you for Robin!


Nurit & Emme
Hollywood, California