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Magical Multiples

Magical Multiples

What’s better than having a dog? Having two! Often. But not always.

I often joke that the solution to many issues is to “just get another dog.” When the humans are already having a tough time, getting a second dog does seem like a huge joke, but that second dog can often make a big difference to the first. If the dog is a good match, he can be great at teaching confidence and good behaviors (dogs copy each other). He can give that puppy someone furry to bite on instead of the humans and reduce that playful enthusiasm. He can make a dog with separation anxiety feel less alone and nervous. If you have to be responsible to one dog, it can be just easy to be responsible to two.

That doesn’t mean you should get a brother and sister. If you’ve ever had sibling pups, you know about the different challenges they present. It’s tempting to get two from the same litter, but often they stay bonded to each other more than to their person, and that bond can actually be a detriment to their self-esteem. Raising siblings well can be done, but that’s a job for a very dedicated, experienced handler. The beautiful GSD puppies in this photo are siblings, but they spent more than a month apart: their humans decided later to take in the sister. A nice healthy way of getting one pup on his own feet first.

Ooh, if two are better than one, how about three? Or more? Maybe not. Now you’ve got a pack of dogs perhaps with complicated dynamics going on. They have to be the right mix and Major Experience with Handling is necessary.

Need help picking out and introducing that second dog? I love matchmaking and my background working with rescue dogs will help us choose the right “significant other” for your current pooch. Let’s get the most suitable age and temperament! After all, you’re choosing your dog’s friend for him, so we have to choose carefully–and introduce in the right way.


James M McEwen on November 6, 2019 AT 12 pm

your theory was certainly true with with Spanky and Ginger, siblings. spanky came home first with Ginger several months later. Lucy joined the pack and they loved and entertained each other. They taught and protected one another. I was so proud of how confident and calm they became.
thanks for your part in making that happen.

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