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About Robin

About Robin

Behavior Consultant

Robin Roy has been training dogs her whole life, starting as a child following her mother, an American Kennel Club obedience judge, around the ring. She started training professionally to keep dogs out of shelters and rescues. Robin’s training methods are positive, dog-friendly techniques that work easily—and help you help your dog. She is a member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers, the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants, the Pet Professionals Guild, and the West LA Obedience Club. She has volunteered with a number of rescue groups and specializes in rescue dogs. She is a certified Canine Good Citizen Evaluator and is certified in Pet First Aid and CPR. She regularly attends professional conferences and workshops and is always learning—especially from her canine colleagues. She longs for a time when all humans appreciate dogs for all they are.

Positive Training for a Perfect Pet

Serving Ventura County

Better Dog Skills

Obedience skills tailored to your dog’s needs at any age.

Easy Manners for Your Dog

Positive, Reward-Based Training.

You Learn, Too!

Behavioral problems, at-home visits for puppies and adults. Service Dog and other specialized training!
Groups classes in Oxnard and Los Angeles.

Easy Manners for Your Dog

Easy Manners for Your Dog

Robin is available for consulting and personal dog training sessions. Contact her for more information.


Puppy Consultation
In-person puppy consultation to get you all off to a great start.


Training Sessions
60-minute training sessions. Packages available.


Choosing the Right Dog
Get help choosing the right dog for you! Robin will even accompany you to the rescue or breeder.


Free Workouts Online!
Want to get started on training your dog NOW? Start with the intro video and watch and practice in order! Click here to visit my YouTube channel.


Train Online!
Training by video online is so useful! Using FaceTime or Zoom can help most dogs focus better at home, and they often can learn faster without a trainer in the room or other dogs. Let’s help these doggies!
Group Classes, Consultation, etc.

Group Classes, Consultation, etc.

Group classes, consultation, and other useful information.



Some comments from happy dog owners...


When we adopted Rex from the rescue, the people there warned us that what had stopped people from adopting Rex was his unbounded energy. They recommended that we should call Robin Roy when we were ready for some training. After a few days of Rex and his energy, we called Robin to the rescue. When you have three family members with different ideas of what a dog should and shouldn’t do and when you have Rex as that dog, watch out. But when Robin came, Rex just lit up, remembering her from the kennel. After just a few sessions the whole family was on the same program, including Rex. As my daughter always tells me–“show the patience that Robin always showed”–and it works. We now have a very happy, high-energy trained dog. Thank you, Robin!

Annette, Robin & James
Rancho Park, California

She did a great job training my dog Rex who is a rescue. She made me comfortable walking and playing with my dog. I really like Robin, she is really nice and patient.

Annette, Age 9


Yuki and I were able to work with Robin in both puppy kindergarten and novice obedience. She is everything you’d want in a trainer — patient, firm, clear and caring. If you are looking for a trusted advisor on dog behavior, Robin is an ideal choice.

Glendale, California


Robin is great. She gives you honest expectations and is dedicated to helping your dog make it through his/her rough patches. Whenever we felt helpless she was always there to reassure us. We’d recommend her to anyone.

Westwood, California


Robin has a very effective way of combining firmness and kindness, putting humans at ease with understanding boundaries and corrections. She’s a terrific trainer and a wonderful person!

Glendale, California


Dear Dog… thank you for Robin!

Hollywood, California

Robin Roy's Dog Blog!

Robin Roy's Dog Blog!

Dog Behavior, Training Tips, and More!

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When Should My Dog Be Off-leash?

Sometimes when I ask humans about their goals for their dogs, they respond, “I want eventually to trust Sammy off-leash.” Of course Sammy might be four months old and the goal is for the very distant future, but his human really wants “freedom” for the dog. Getting your dog to go leashless is indeed something […]

No Embarrassing Dogs

Your dog is perfect just the way he is. He’s an individual with a personality and quirks and things he’s good at and others he’s slower to learn. And you love him no matter what. Though sometimes it can be tough to laugh off his behaviors and not be embarrassed by him. You look around […]

Rules vs Freedom

My seven-month-old pup is now almost completely part of the household routine. It has been so fun to watch him develop and learn the doggie systems we have in place. But he couldn’t have more freedom until he was ready for it. Having a puppy or new rescue adult settle into a routine makes life […]

Weaning Off Treats in Training

A client recently told me she didn’t want to use food as a reward anymore. She has a five-month-old large-breed, energetic puppy, but she has decided he can start to “obey” now and no longer should need reinforcement for the correct behavior. High standards! Sure, some dogs are such focused learners that they can fool […]

Wait for It . . .

We humans are all about instant gratification, and so are our dogs. Patience can be difficult to find sometimes, but waiting can really pay off. When you’re teaching a new behavior, try just marking the dog’s correct choice with “yes” or a clicker and then give a food reward. After three or four of those […]

Shock Collars

I am in a mood. In NO world should you shock your dog, period. And lately even some “trainers” are using them. Shocking your dog is not “training” in any form. It’s abuse and absolutely unnecessary. It’s not an “e-collar.” It’s not a “vibration collar.” Here it is: if you shock your dog, you don’t love your dog. Don’t […]

When Should I Get a Puppy?

The cuteness. Impossible to resist. But is now the right time? Are you the right human for this puppy? Would an adult dog be a better fit? Raising puppies is Important Work. (Both words are capped because both are very true!) A puppy is a new doggie citizen you feel you are qualified to raise. […]

Can You Teach an Old Dog New Tricks?

I’ve been asked quite a few times lately about older dogs learning new things or unlearning unwanted behaviors. Can an older dog learn new tricks? Of course! Yes, you should work hard with your puppy while her brain is developing and taking in all that info. And you need to keep her brain busy as […]

Duolingo for Doggos

Your dog loves learning her second language: Human. Human can be quite a difficult language to learn, but Tulip is ready to try (especially if there are food rewards involved). She just asks her human to remember that she is a beginner and to try to be a good teacher. Good language instructors are clear. […]

Sophie Needs Good Toys

Sophie needs at least two dozen toys. Really? Absolutely. She would like to have something new once in a while–even if it is a toy you hide away for a bit so it seems new again. She’d like toys of different textures and sizes and purposes. At first a toy may not suit her fancy, […]

Better Vet Visits

You’d like your dog to be the one your vet loves most. After all, he’s the cutest dog on the planet and so sweet with you! Your vet would love if Milo would walk right in, wagging his tail, and stand still for exams, and for Milo not to be bothered that his mom isn’t […]

Grrr, Dog Fights

What is the best way to stop a dog fight? By preventing a dog fight in the first place. Recently two dogs in a local park were going at it, and their people were trying but couldn’t separate them. I was nearby and had success with my Spray Shield citronella stream. I just blasted the […]

Leashes and Harnesses and Equipment–Oh My!

We sure can shop for stuff–and dog stuff is pretty hard to resist: new harnesses and collars and leashes and car seats and crates appear on the market all the time. Some products promise magical results, look fancy, and cost a fortune. But of course who is at the other end of the leash matters […]

Online Training Works!

When people call a dog or cat trainer, they have ideas of what they need: “Help me potty train my puppy!” “Please make my dog stop nipping at my kids!” “My cat needs to stop peeing outside the litter box!” “My dog can’t keep barking at every other dog on walks!” I’ve learned that clients […]

“Socialization” Is Not the Dog Park

We know that socialization is important for young puppies. We know that adult dogs have to keep at it or difficulties can develop. But what does “socialization” mean? Is that even the right word? New dog people are sometimes fooled by the ease with which puppies can meet other puppies. “They love other dogs! Done!” […]

Good News in a Pandemic

So there is good news in 2020. Yes, really! The great news is that dogs and cats are finding homes like never before! Everyone wants company, and humans are home so much that the new dogs are rarely alone. Depending where you live, it can even be very hard to find a furball to adopt […]

And Now a Word about Cats

Don’t you train dogs? Yes, but I also do cat consults, which I find is not common among trainers. Dogs often live with cats, and cats can have behavioral issues, and they can also be trained. Most of my calls are about cat-and-dog introductions and their getting along, but I also get quite a few […]


I don’t like to be negative, especially when it comes to dogs. I want dog classes to be upbeat: focusing on the good, finding positive ways to address problems, suggesting what to do rather than what not to do. Lately I am reminded that I must also tell people why the negative ways of “training” […]

Car Troubles

Woof! Why are so many dog people talking lately about difficulties with dogs riding in cars? I don’t have statistics, but I’d be curious if the ratio of dogs with car sickness is similar to that of humans. I do know that life is not fun with a dog who is unhappy riding in a […]

My Dog Doesn’t ______ YET

Good stuff. Bad stuff. Our dogs may not do certain things . . . yet. “My puppy doesn’t sit if I ask when there are other dogs around.” “My dog growls at people, but he hasn’t bitten anyone.” “Sheba won’t jump into the car.” “Garfield hasn’t met a person he doesn’t like.” Yet. Our dogs […]

Separation Anxiety Prevention Webinar

RECORDED WEBINAR NOW AVAILABLE: $20 Our pets are very SPOILED right now, with many humans home so much. Many dogs and cats will have trouble acclimating to life reopening. Even just your going for groceries may be trouble.  The best time to work on separation is actually when you are home the most! Now! Techniques […]

Dogs Forgive

Anyone stressed? Raise your paw! The pandemic is affecting our stress levels–subtly or not so subtly. Whether you are feeling worried about what is going on or just overwhelmed by the life changes or you are just busier than ever, you may be stressed. And your dog may be feeling your stress. Subtly or not […]

Having a Puppy during a Pandemic

He’s growing! Physically so much bigger already at twelve weeks old–but that’s the idea, right? Sterling is a Giant Schnauzer. It’s in the name. His dad is one hundred pounds. We’re almost at thirty. On track. Emotionally he is still a tiny baby. Clueless. He’s learned all sorts of words and hand signals, but no […]

Puppy Prep

I had some time before he would arrive. Time to plan, purchase, and ponder. It’s been eight years since a young puppy came into our household, so I had a few moments when I wondered why in the world I would turn our calm life into chaos. But as a trainer friend said with a […]

Fun and Games!

Are you fun? Your dog is. No matter how old, no matter the temperament, your dog is looking for FUN! Want to be the center of your dog’s universe? Bring on the FUN! Having trouble getting the behavior you want? You guessed it: try making the process fun again. For instance, “Down” is Dull: you’re […]

Magical Multiples

What’s better than having a dog? Having two! Often. But not always. I often joke that the solution to many issues is to “just get another dog.” When the humans are already having a tough time, getting a second dog does seem like a huge joke, but that second dog can often make a big […]


Does your dog need a place to stay while you’re away? Robin provides boarding for dogs who don’t mind cats–and also can provide board and train. Come back to a better behaved pooch! Need training but not in Ventura County? Remote training available for $60 per hour. Let’s help these doggies!

Dogs Outdoors

A woman recently asked me for advice on her dogs because they can’t be apart without real separation stress. It turns out they live together outside in the yard all the time! Of course they’re attached to each other. Their humans barely acknowledge their existence. Why? If you don’t have sheep for your dogs to guard, why […]

Furry Sponges Need Friends

A dog recently came to my class who had taken class almost a year ago, and he’d now forgotten that he liked other dogs during the first class. He has not had much nice on-leash socialization since that other class. Now is the time. Wherever your dog is in her skills, wherever you are in your busy […]

New Class Starts February 22

Positive training for a Perfect Pet FUN DOG SKILLS Obedience class tailored to your dog’s needs at any level 6-week class starts  Saturday, February 22, 4-5:00 (no class March 7) held at: Sunstone Park, Ventura (Amethyst and Silver) $150, limit eight dogs Advanced registration required.  E-mail or call for a form:, 917-921-4567 cell  Robin Roy, […]

Stay HOME During the Worst Week of the Year

At this time of year I’m of course asked about getting dogs to handle the sound of fireworks. You could make some good strides even with only three weeks to go before the big day. Do try desensitizing and counterconditioning: put on a recording of firecracker sounds while your dog is having dinner; keep the […]

Stay Social

How do you create a dog who doesn’t prefer being on his phone to actual interaction with other dogs? We all talk about whether humans communicate effectively these days. How do you keep your dog communicating well with others? Trainers often see fantastic puppies graduate from puppy kindergarten and then come back to class nine […]

How to Stop Barking 101

Barking is so natural and useful, and you’re not always home when your dog is barking—so asking your her to “Shush” on cue will take some practice. After all, sometimes you want her to alert you. Remember, too, that some dogs bark out of anxiety, especially when you first leave home. Try a filled Kong […]

Cure Cabin Fever!

Brrr! Need some inside activities during this cold, snowy, rainy winter? Pepper says, “YES, PLEASE!” “Find It”: Hide a particular toy and ask your dog to find it. Make the game easy at first! Leave it so he can see a little of it. Use the same toy each time at first so he learns […]

Resolve for Fun!

‘Tis resolution season, of course. Lots of diets are happening; yoga classes are crowded. How many people resolve to add more fun into their lives? Good idea, right? And one of the easiest ways to make your life fun is by making your dog’s life fun! Resolve to take your dog somewhere new! Take a dog vacation […]

Dogs on Paper

Nope, we’re not talking today about dogs eliminating on paper.  Sometimes clients call with situations that on paper don’t seem like the best scenarios. Adopting a territorial, resource-guarding dog from a shelter to live with a fifteen-year-old dog who doesn’t like other dogs: sounds like a bad idea on paper until you meet the two […]

Times Change

We’re so lucky when dogs live long lives, and senior dogs can be the best dogs ever. It can be hard to remember how our senior was a dozen years ago. Dogs change–and dog training and dog products have changed in the past dozen years, too. More than ever before, humans are discovering the benefits […]

Think Little

A dog in my Intermediate class is teeny–about three pounds–and Adorable and Clever. He learns quickly and does all the exercises well, thanks to a mom who works a lot with him. The entire class gapes at his cuteness and obedience perfection and obvious love of the games. He’s not the first. Another lil one […]

Be Nice!

Your dog is the nicest being in the world, isn’t he? Unconditional love, cuddles for free, kisses upon request. Let’s all try to be as nice to dogs as they are to us. You don’t need to use a spray bottle of water to get your pup to stop barking. That’s just not nice. It’s […]

Ouch! Puppies Bite!

They’re so cute at this age, but they can be impossibly bitey! And the nips hurt, and they don’t stop! Puppies can be a bit of an endurance test, and their biting is the worst. But this too shall pass. Their adult teeth arrive at between four and six months, depending on the breed–longest for smaller dogs, usually–and then life […]

Toddler Test

Puppies sure develop quickly, much more quickly than human young’uns. They have teeth very early, they walk not long after they’re born, and they are independently eating far sooner. Eventually our human babies pass right by puppies, of course, learning so many more things our dogs will not. No matter how old or smart your […]

Patience with Fear

So many dogs are happy-go-lucky and confident and up for adventures. Lately, I’m meeting quite a few fearful pups–and we can do a lot to make them feel better. Some humans are tempted to rush the process, but fear can dissipate only when the dog is ready. If, for example, your dog has moderate separation […]

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