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Be Nice!

Be Nice!

Your dog is the nicest being in the world, isn’t he? Unconditional love, cuddles for free, kisses upon request. Let’s all try to be as nice to dogs as they are to us.

You don’t need to use a spray bottle of water to get your pup to stop barking. That’s just not nice. It’s not the technique you’d use on your young child, I’m guessing, so why try it on Aubrey? Will spraying her hurt her? Not physically. But it erodes trust. I wouldn’t trust someone who sprayed me for reasons I don’t really understand.

A choke chain doesn’t really “choke” your dog when you use it “correctly.” It keeps your dog walking nicely beside you?  If you “correct” her often enough, you’ll be able to see–because her fur will become worn away where the chain cuts. It’s mean to yank on your dog because she doesn’t listen. A prong collar is supposed to pinch your dog so she listens. She will listen better if she believes you’re really on her side. Watch how carrying great treats can mean good walking–so much nicer.

We can all get frustrated, but if you yell at your dog, she is more likely to think you’re unpredictable and to feel nervous around her “guardian.” She just doesn’t understand what you want–so calmly teach her what to do instead of what not to do. She’s not being stubborn; she just hasn’t learned fully yet.

If Sadie is shy, don’t keep trying to introduce her to that neighbor dog she is afraid of. She doesn’t want to be put in an unnerving situation. You don’t like all people, and she will tell you which dogs she likes. Good enough.

Balancing biscuits on your dog’s nose and saying “leave it” until he drools isn’t nice. You wouldn’t like it if I waved freshly baked chocolate chip cookies at you but said “leave it.”

Bringing your dog to places that make her uncomfortable isn’t nice either. She may not want to “deal with” a crowded outdoor festival or a busy dog park. What does she really enjoy instead?

My name is Robin and I’m a dog-aholic. Dogs are the best sunshine in this nutty world and better beings than most humans. Let’s be nice to them. Put yourself in their paws before listening to the advice of your know-it-all friend….

I know you do. You’re always your dog’s advocate–and the best dog guardian ever. Dogs are simple if you use common sense–and I’m here to help.


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