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Times Change

Times Change

We’re so lucky when dogs live long lives, and senior dogs can be the best dogs ever. It can be hard to remember how our senior was a dozen years ago. Dogs change–and dog training and dog products have changed in the past dozen years, too.

More than ever before, humans are discovering the benefits of Positive Training–for their dogs but also for their spouses and children! There are still people who haven’t discovered yet that rewarding good is better training than punishing the bad, but eventually we hope everyone who has an animal in his/her home will realize that times have changed.

Food has completely changed in the past decade. We know that “by-products” can be scary and certainly not as healthy as the real deal. Lots of dogs (and cats) now find Raw Food beneficial, and treats are often just dehydrated versions of actual food. People are learning that shopping for dog food in the grocery store is not the way to find the best quality choices. A very good pet store has staff who can tell you where the food was farmed, where it was packaged, why one is better for your dog’s issue than another…. Giving your dog the best food you can afford should lead to better health. Milk Bones are out. (Have you smelled them? Practically no scent at all, and you know that’s what counts most for your dog.) “Treats” should just be food that is convenient to give in small form for training or a positive snack the dog receives when you leave the house.

I see far fewer dogs riding in the beds of pick-up trucks. I’d love to see no dogs doing that…. Dog guardians now realize that seat belts, carriers, booster seats, and many other contraptions keep their dogs safer in vehicles. If their dog has motion sickness or anxiety in a car, their faithful humans work on the problem and make their dog happier.

More humans realize their dog is actually a family member who wants to be indoors the majority of the time, not chained up outside. Dogs sleep in the bedrooms with their humans more and more–since they relax more with the “pack.” Doesn’t matter if they are on the bed or in their own dog beds as long as everyone is happy. Years ago, if we had a yard, the dog didn’t get many walks. Now people realize that smelling and new environments and exercise are essential to a dog’s well-being.

The pet world is constantly changing–and your fur balls thank you for staying current with the trends! I wonder where things will go in another decade….


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