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Puppy Prep

Puppy Prep

I had some time before he would arrive. Time to plan, purchase, and ponder. It’s been eight years since a young puppy came into our household, so I had a few moments when I wondered why in the world I would turn our calm life into chaos. But as a trainer friend said with a shrug, “It’s what we do.”

This puppy would be much larger than the other dogs, so a client gave me a large crate he wasn’t using–score!–and I bought larger, sturdier toys, and a huge bag of the food the pup was currently eating. For a while some of my dogs’ smaller toys would do but not for long. I cleaned out the toy box of especially small items and washed the box. I ordered a big tub of Himalayan bones and a new collar and bowl. I would have to buy even larger versions of everything soon enough–the pup’s dad is one hundred pounds.

I stocked the fridge for me and bought all the pet food and supplies I would need for a couple weeks, since I wouldn’t be able to leave him. I cleared my schedule for two weeks. If things went well, I’d be able to sneak in a short client visit here and there while he napped in his crate, but who knew? The most important part after his arrival would be spending as much time together and letting him see the world in a positive way.

Throwing out name ideas with friends was my new hobby. Spending extra quality time in advance with the current cats and dogs was a pleasure. Adding a new member to the household was not a light decision, but I thought we were ready. I now have a good yard for a big dog, my schedule is flexible so I could devote lots of energy to his socializing and training, and I could manage the extra bills coming my way.

Still, I was certainly crazy. I teach puppy classes. I see every week that the struggle is real. I let other people’s puppies stay in our house for training or boarding. Puppies are nuts. But I knew the rewards would be worth all the time and energy. Puppies aren’t for everybody–and there are lots of older dogs that need homes–but I needed to start with a really young pup who could be absolutely fine with my cats and small dogs. We were ready. All I had to do was wait.

His name is Sterling. And he is wonderful.


Lisa Giesick on March 4, 2020 AT 10 pm

Can’t wait to meet you! Congratulations ❤️

Angela Skultin on March 5, 2020 AT 06 am

Awe so happy for you if anyone can handle a puppy its a U. What breed is Sterling? He is very handsome…

    robin on March 5, 2020 AT 10 am

    He’s a Giant Schnauzer. And boy is he!

Rochelle on March 7, 2020 AT 06 am


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